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are one of the most common causes of upper abdominal pain, and result from gallbladder disease.
Gallstones can cause complications even without prior warning symptoms. Read more here
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how do you
know if you have gallstones?
You may experience these symptoms after a fatty meal
  • 1
    Abdominal Pain
    • This pain, called biliary colic, can be sharp, or squeezing in nature, and can come and go.
    • It can be felt around the centre or upper right hand side of the abdomen, and may travel to the right shoulder or the back.
  • 2
    Indigestion and frequent burping
  • 3
    Nausea & Vomiting
  • 4
    Yellowing of eyes and skin (Jaundice), clay- coloured stools, tea coloured urine
  • 5
    Bloating and abdominal discomfort
  • 6
    Fever, chills and rigors
How are Gallstones confirmed?
Most commonly, an ultrasound is performed. Stones may also be detected on CT scan or MRI of the abdomen. In addition, blood tests may be done to rule out any obstruction of the bile ducts and infection.
How are Gallstones Treated?
Surgery is not needed if you do not have symptoms. Surgery may be recommended if you have symptoms, or to treat (or prevent) complications.
Gallstones are a common condition. If your gallstones are causing pain or cause other health problems, seek medical advice early.
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We accept all patients, with or without insurance plans. We are on the specialist panels of all Singapore Integrated Shield Plans (IP) and other insurance providers as well:
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price transparency
Besides being worried about surgery and its risks and complications, patients may also have concerns about increased hospital bills.

The Price Guarantee Procedures (PGP) programme in Mount Elizabeth Hospital gives patients price transparency and certainty of the final bill. Surgical procedures that are eligible for the PGP programme include gallbladder surgery.

Under this programme, patients get a preview of their medical bill which will match the final one upon discharge. Even if a slightly prolonged stay in hospital is required or some complications occur due to the surgery, the final bill remains fixed. This gets the financial concerns out of the way and helps patients focus on recuperating.

about our gallstone surgeon
Dr Lee Ser Yee
Dr Lee Ser Yee
Senior Consultant
Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon
MBBS, MMed (Surgery),

Dr Lee Ser Yee is an experienced surgeon who is recognised for his expertise in gallstones management.

Prior to private practice, Dr Lee was a founding member and Senior Consultant at the Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) and Transplant Surgery at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). He served as the Director of the Laparoscopic programme and the Director of the Surgical Skills Training Program and the SingHealth Surgical Skills Centre.

He believes that each patient’s healing journey is unique and is best undertaken with the patient’s participation and engagement in formulating a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan.

Read more here

expertise & philosophy

Dr Lee has extensive training and clinical experience, combined with his expertise in the principles and techniques of gallbladder surgery.

teaching & training surgeons

Dr Lee was an Associate Professor (Adj) in Duke-NUS Medical School and a Senior Clinical Lecturer in NUS. He has also chaired and conducted many advanced surgical courses and has been invited to give lectures at many conferences worldwide.

academic & research contributions

Dr Lee has authored more than 150 scientific publications including top journals such as Annals of Surgery and written 2 surgical books and 70 book chapters.

Surgical Associates specialises in treating conditions of the gallbladder.
Should you experience symptoms of gallstones and require timely access to treatment, or wish to undergo a risk assessment to understand your condition, secure an appointment with Dr Lee within one working day.
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